Why Does Your Air Conditioner Smell?

You probably keep your home clean all the time. After all, it’s the place you feel most comfortable and therefore, cleanliness is a big part of that. But have you suddenly noticed a foul smell? You try to find where it’s coming from you can’t find anything that seems to be giving off that smell. No spoiled food, no dead animal, no nothing! Well, did you think to check your air conditioner?

Air conditioners, if not checked and serviced regularly, can give off foul smells. Here are three of the most common reasons why.

1. Dirty Sock Syndrome

That’s right. That’s what it’s called. Because this is when your air conditioner gives off a very unpleasant odor akin to dirty socks. This is caused by a build-up of mildew and bacteria on the evaporator coil. They grow from a combination of moisture that builds up on the coil and the dust that your AC collects due to inadequate filtration.

Apart from the smell, Dirty Sock Syndrome is not a serious issue. It is not harmful to breathe in unless mould starts to grow. Repeated exposure to spores may cause skin or eye irritation, headache, fatigue, bronchitis, and tightness in the chest.

In order to prevent Dirty Sock Syndrome, you must have a high quality filter. This is so dust can’t mix into your coils and cause mildew and bacteria to thrive. You must also eliminate source of biological contamination and ensure your air conditioning is well maintained and operating properly.

But if preventive measures are already out the window, we at Aircon 4 You can help you solve this problem. If your air conditioning is mouldy and smells bad, Aircon 4 You specialists can eliminate bad smell, eliminate mold, and service inside your indoor unit with the hydro cleaning and sanitizing equipment to bring comfort to you and your family.

2. Blocked drainage

Air conditioners naturally produce a certain amount of moisture as a part of the cooling process. This moisture drips off from the evaporator coil to the unit’s drip pan which is connected to the condensate drain which extends all the way outside of your home where most of the condensation goes. But if you ever notice water leaking from your air conditioning unit into your home, you may have a blocked condensate drain.

There are many reasons why a unit’s condensate drain can get clogged. Sometimes the moisture that drips off can also carry other airborne particles such as dirt that come from within your home, clogging the drain.

So how can you avoid having a block in your drainage?

One way is to regularly clean or change your air filter. This helps limit the amount of debris can enter the drain. Another way is to schedule a maintenance check on your unit every year. This will help to find any problems you may have that can be addressed right away before bigger damage is done. Aircon 4 You can help you set a schedule to get this done every six months.

3. Trapped pests

If it smells like something has crawled inside your unit and died, it’s probably that. Geckos, rodents, rats, or possums can get stuck in the outdoor unit and get trapped there and eventually die, or get electrocuted and die. At times the smell can go away on its own after their bodies have decomposed. But if the smell is really offensive, you can contact Aircon 4 You and we will safely take apart your unit to find the source of the odor and take care of it. We use hydro cleaning and sanitizing technique to eliminate the bad odor, give your air conditioning unit a good hygienic wash to experience a breath of fresh and clean air you deserve.

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