How Indoor Air Quality Affects Children and Elderly

We may not be aware, but we are constantly breathing in dust, allergens, and mild toxins. Even in our home, even when we do our best to keep it clean, and even if we don’t notice any problems with our breathing.

But if you have an infant at home or you’re living with elderly people (your grandparents or in-laws), they are much more sensitive to particles in the air. Babies breathe in more air with respect to their size and weight compared to adults, while old people’s immune systems are getting weaker. Both are more sensitive to allergens, bacteria, and mould in the air which can trigger coughs, wheezing, sneezing, and itchy throats, to name a few.

Temperature also comes into play. For elderly people, low indoor temperature may cause respiratory infections. Meanwhile newborns cannot regulate their body temperature yet and need ambient room temperature to be comfortable.

Air conditioners help with ventilation and keeping the temperature in the home or a room steady. However, if they are not cleaned and serviced properly and regularly, they can contribute to poor indoor air quality that affects both babies and elderly.

What can you do? Make sure your family and loved ones are breathing in the best quality air in your home and help prevent respiratory problems and discomfort. If your unit hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you can call us!

Aircon 4 You offers regular professional cleaning services that involve cleaning and replacing your unit’s filters. Our premium cleaning and sanitizing service can restore the health of your air conditioner, add efficiency to your unit, and improve the quality of indoor air you breathe in.

The cleaning includes removing dirt, mold, and biological contaminant from evaporator coils, low pressure cleaning of air well and fan blower, and deep cleaning of filters and outdoor condenser coil flush. This thorough cleaning eliminates the odour, ensures the efficiency of your unit, improves air flow of your system, and reduces energy consumption.

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