Is Mould Growing in your Air Conditioner?

We rarely think about the air quality in our home. We assume it’s clean because we feel comfortable in our own homes. But it may seem like the air in our home is clean (no dust, no pet hair, no smoke) but there are tons of microbes and other microscopic particles that float around in the air. And one thing we don’t think about which we could very well be breathing in in our homes, is mould.

Mould grows in places with high moisture that can’t easily escape such as your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. It’s especially bad during the winter when indoor air is warm and condenses around cold windows. Usually this issue can be resolved with proper ventilation such as opening windows or vents. But most of the time the culprit is your air conditioner.

Your unit is the perfect environment for mould to thrive. If your air conditioner has not been cleaned regularly, mould can grow inside and its spores can be released into your home’s atmosphere via your air conditioner, causing allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

While mould isn’t easily discovered in your unit, you will still be able to sense the warning signs. A musty smell can emit from your unit. It can be seen growing inside your unit, on the barrel fan or on blades, and out in the exterior of your unit. By this time, it has been around for too long and you definitely need to call a service.

Aircon 4 You offers regular professional cleaning services that involve cleaning and replacing your unit’s filters. Our premium cleaning and sanitizing service can restore the health of your air conditioner, add efficiency to your unit, and improve the quality of indoor air you breathe in.

The cleaning includes removing dirt, mould, and biological contaminant from evaporator coils, low pressure cleaning of air well and fan blower, and deep cleaning of filters and outdoor condenser coil flush. This thorough cleaning eliminates the odour, ensures the efficiency of your unit, improves air flow of your system, and reduces energy consumption.

To book our Hygienic and Sanitary Cleaning service, you can call us on 0432292161 or fill up our enquiry form.

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