How to Look After Your AC Outdoor Unit

Just like your indoor unit, your AC’s outdoor unit needs to be cared for as well. A common problem is leaves, pests, and small animals getting stuck inside. This can cause damage to the electronic board and cost you thousands of dollars. They can also die inside and emit an unpleasant odour into your home when your AC is on.

How does this happen? Most of the time the problem is with having shrubs, trees, and other plants too close to your outdoor unit.

If you have shrubs closer than one meter to your unit they can act as baffles to air movement. Twigs and leaves can also get in the fan and over time cause damage to the compressor. If plants are too close they can block the dissipation of heated air and cause the blowers, circulating pump, and condenser unit fan to overwork.

Having plants nearby also exposes the outdoor unit to pests and small animals such as geckos, termites, ants, spiders, rats, etc.

You can also ask Aircon 4 You for BeGone Geckos. They are natural deterrent cubes to prevent costly electrical damage. We can easily install one cube inside your outdoor unit near the electronic board to prevent geckos from getting close to the board and causing any damage.

To prevent rodents and geckos from getting inside, get a glue trap from Bunnings (the one that pest control guys use) and stick them inside your unit. It is also a good idea to glue another one on the outdoor unit. However, if your outdoor unit is in the sun, you need to double glue the trap as the heat would highly likely melt the glue and it may come off. Make sure to check your outdoor unit every 3 months especially if it is in the bush or in the backyard on the ground and replace the glue traps. You can also put a mothball inside your outdoor unit. Geckos hate the smell of it. Or spray Lanoline inside and outside of your outdoor unit. It keeps the geckos and cockroaches away.

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